We've been counting down to Black Friday 2021 since September... how time flies because the year's biggest sale is now just a couple of weeks away! Well, we say 'couple' because we wouldn't be surprised if some retailers jump the gun and offer us official Black Friday discounts from a week ahead of the actual date.

We're already being teased with some early offers, like that gets you up to 40% off on select refurbished audio gear. Even Nanoleaf decided to drop the price of its for a few days by AU$10 just to tease us, which means we can expect bigger and better discounts on the company's modular smart lights when Black Friday officially comes knocking.

These aren't going to be the only ones. As we get closer and closer to November 26, we're going to see more early Black Friday deals, and that's why we're here to get you up to speed with everything you need to know about this year's Black Friday deals.

Considering almost everything gets a pretty steep discount, it's the best time to shop for those expensive items you've been squirrelling away for. Honestly, it doesn't even have to be big-ticket items – whether you want to update your wardrobe or your home's entertainment system, there's a lot of deep discounts to be had. And considering we've been tracking Black Friday deals for a few years now, we're here to help you get ready for the biggest shopping event of the year.

You'll find all the information you need to prepare for Black Friday 2021 right here and, when the deals bonanza finally kicks off later in November, we'll be on hand to cherry-pick the best deals from the big sale, listing them right here – so you could consider bookmarking this page to get to it quickly in November.

So, what do we know so far? Well, the best way to get an idea of how Black Friday 2021 will play out is to take a close look at last year. Granted, it was a year like no other, that saw drastic shifts due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but things are slowly moving towards some sort of normalcy despite the lockdowns in some parts of Australia.

We're not expecting a lot of change this Black Friday – it will look very familiar to anyone who shopped last year, with usual suspects like Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Dell and JB Hi-Fi being just a few of the many who will offer some juicy bargains.

Last year, we saw prices tumbling on plenty of consumer electronics – from TVs, headphones, laptops and even vacuum cleaners – and we're expecting more of the same again this time round.

While it's hard to predict exactly what will be discounted during Black Friday 2021, we can use our knowledge of the past years to make some predictions on what to expect from this year's Black Friday sale.

Early Black Friday 2021 deals

While technically not quite Black Friday offers, some retailers currently have some topnotch bargains that just can't be ignored. We've listed a few of those retailers below, and we'll be sure to keep the list updated as we move into official Black Friday territory.

  • : up to 40% off refurbished headphones, speakers and audio sunglasses
  • : discounts on select vacuum cleaners and fans
  • : ongoing daily offers on a variety of items
  • : 20% off select items with code PSSDS20
  • : price cuts on two mattresses
  • : up to 40% off on laptops and monitors
  • : up to 35% off IdeaPads and ThinkPads
  • : savings on select Surface bundles
  • : savings on a wide range of TVs
  • : deep discounts on TVs and home appliances
  • : constantly updated offers on a variety of tech
  • : usually similar offers as Kogan
  • : PC components and more
  • : discounts on small appliances and electronics
  • : occasional offers on MacBooks and more
  • : plenty of gaming bargains
  • : discounts on Olympus, Sony, Panasonic

There are some individual offers that are just too good to not mention here, like the lowest price yet on a Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles starter kit on eBay. Below our some of the top deals available right now.


(save AU$33)

Apple officially dropped the price of its 2019 AirPods to AU$219 a pop as soon as the 3rd-gen 'buds arrived on the scene. From the listed price on Amazon, it looks like the online retailer didn't get the memo, but AU$186 is still a pretty good price at the moment. 

Note that this not the version with the wireless charging case. If you are after the one .

(save AU$81)

This offer has been around on Amazon since the official Apple Store came online on the site. We're unsure whether the price will drop further, but a 20% discount isn't something to scoff at. So if you don't want to wait – there has been a lot of chatter about stocks and availability for a lot of items – then grab these right now.

(save AU$200)

If you're an Apple fan and have been waiting to get your paws on the AirPods Max, then you could save AU$200 on the very premium cans. However, only the pink colour option has this discount, the others will set you back anywhere between AU$719 and AU$739, depending on the colour.

(save AU$102)

These true wireless earbuds from Bose pack seriously good noise cancellation, giving the competition a run for its money. Sound quality is excellent too, with rich and clear sound that you’ll be able to enjoy with outside noise largely muted – though you’ll find they’re a little less bassy than Sony. They’re now available with a AU$102 discount from Amazon.

(save AU$95.25)

Until the XM4s came along these were our favourite noise cancelling cans. Just because there's a new generation in town doesn't mean you should exclude these from consideration – still great sound, great ANC, great fit... need we go on? Oh, and almost AU$100 on Amazon, but note that this ships in from the UK.

[Shipped and sold by Amazon UK]


(save AU$152)

This is the ‘lite’ version of the Samsung Galaxy S21, and it’s now available at a much cheaper price point. You’ll still get a brilliant camera array, an AMOLED display and a powerful processor. This discount comes on the 4G version of the phone in and on Amazon AU.

(save AU$201)

If you'd rather futureproof your handset, then opt for the 5G version of the Galaxy S20 FE instead. You get all the same specs as the above offer, with the addition of 5G capabilities of course. That comes with a price hike, but with a 20% discount on Amazon, it's a pretty affordable option – available in and colour variations.

Smart home

(save AU$208.50)

Brighten up your plain, boring walls with some amazing light displays, and no one does that better than Nanoleaf. The triangular smart light panes are easy to set up, even easier to control and they look stunning too. They retail for AU$349 for the 9-panel starter kit, and just a day ago this was discounted to AU$275. This is the lowest price that we've seen for this set and we don't think you're going to get it for cheaper on Black Friday.

Home entertainment

(save AU$150)

Want a 4K smart telly without the four-figure price tag? Yes, it's possible thanks to TCL. The company makes some excellent Android TVs and although the P615 is an older model (from 2020), it's still pretty darn good, and offers excellent value for money. And it's one of the few 65-inch TVs you can get at this low price.

(save AU$50)

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is a snappy streaming device that caters mostly to Prime members and Alexa-based smart home owners, but it’s still an undeniably powerful device. If you buy from Bing Lee, you can save AU$50 on it as well, making it a much more affordable purchase. It comes with support for 4K HDR streaming, plus Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos – very nice indeed. Grab it from Bing Lee for AU$49.


| AU$4,699 AU$3,999 at CameraPro (save AU$700)

Sure, this camera has a sensor resolution of just 20.1MP, but that speed! At up to 20fps burst speeds, you can capture anything you want with this camera, and you know you're getting excellent image quality each time. While it's possible to get the EOS R6 body only for AU$3,599 at CameraPro, this kit option has far more value. The bundle usually carries an RRP of AU$4,699, making this offer a pretty good one.

(save AU$660)

Canon's suggested RRP for its first ever full-frame mirrorless camera is set at AU$2,899, although it can be found at the AU2,500 mark. However, if you're keen on getting your hands on a very, very capable stills camera, then CameraPro has a very good price at the moment. And if you'd like to save a little more, then be sure to purchase by November 16 so you can register for Canon's 5% cashback offer. That will bring the final price down to just AU$2,127!

(save AU$489)

Amazon usually has some of the lowest prices on cameras at the best of times, with the original list price being slightly lower than RRP as well. Same is true for this little beauty. Admittedly it was cheaper a few days ago, but 20% off is still good on TechRadar's pick of the there is.

(save AU$250)

This retro-chic Micro Four Thirds camera kit was AU$549 just days ago, but Amazon has bumped the price up a bit. It's still a pretty good buy though, but take the list price with a pinch of salt as it's possible to get the camera for AU$799 even without a discount. The GX880 was launched in 2019, so it might feel a little dated, but it's still a brilliant little 16MP shooter, kitted with a 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens.


(save AU$502)

It's our pick for the best multi-sport watch you can buy, and when it comes to outdoor tracking, it can’t be beat. There are quite a few versions in the range, but this is the standard Fenix 6. Its GPS-based mapping is highly accurate, and you can track a huge range of activities. Snap it up from Amazon now and save AU$502.

(save AU$97.50)

This is the international version of the Sense, shipping in from the US, but that's actually quite a good price for the advanced smartwatch. We're hoping it will be cheaper soon, but if you're keen, we can't think of a reason why you shouldn't get a wearable that checks your skin temperature to determine stress levels, and do much, much more besides. Available in and .

[Shipped and sold by Amazon US]


(save AU$200)

It's the entry-level Dyson vacuum cleaner and rarely goes cheaper than this. But don't dismiss this handstick as it's still a pretty good sucker, offering enough power for a good regular clean, and up to 30 minutes of fade-free power. The Cord-free option only comes with two tools in the box, but those will take care of most of you needs – so snap it up and save AU$200 and get a bonus filter as well.

(save AU$200)

The Australian summer is about to usher in bushfire season, and that means air quality becomes a concern along with the heat. Dyson lets you hit two birds with one stone with its purifier fans – they'll filter most particulate matter and keep you cool at the same time. And when winter comes knocking again, it will warm you up to. But don't pay the premium price for the fan – there's AU$200 off on Dyson right now.

(save AU$230.20)

Take the listed price of this robot vacuum cleaner price with a massive pinch of salt as the RRP on Ecovacs' own online store is AU$999. However, throw in eBay's current 20% off code of PSSDS20 at checkout, and you can score this really good bot for just AU$769. That's excellent value as it comes with an auto-empty station, so you don't have to keep emptying the droid's bin each time. Keep in mind that purchasing bin bags is an ongoing expense.

  • Looking for more deals? is on right now and we've picked some great offers.

When is Black Friday 2021?

For those who don’t already know, Black Friday is the Friday immediately following the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. This is also when American retailers start their Christmas shopping season and the sale is based around “doorbusters” – discounts so impressive that bargain-crazed shoppers would break down doors to get their hands on discounted items even before the shops would open.

Thankfully, with online shopping now a routine affair, and with social distancing rules in place, shoppers will have the opportunity to visit brick-and-mortar stores this year to snag a bargain as well.

The actual Black Friday date shifts each year, although the day of the week – Friday – stays constant. And, like last year, the sale comes round late in November 2021. The Black Friday 2021 deals bonanza will officially kick off on November 26 – less than a month away from Christmas.

However, the Black Friday sale isn’t just for a single day. For the last couple of years in Australia, the sale has kicked off about two days before the actual date and goes on till the following Monday, or . So you’ll have the opportunity to shop for almost a week, provided retailers are able to keep up with the demand.

What is Black Friday?

Let’s also take a little Black Friday history lesson: the first known mention of Black Friday related to this shopping experience was in November 1951, when the journal used it to describe people calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving so they could have an extra day off work. At the same time, US police was using the phrases “Black Friday” and “Black Saturday” to describe the horrendous traffic that crowded the streets at the beginning of the pre-Christmas shopping season. In 1961 there was from the local governments to change the shopping season to “Big Friday” and “Big Saturday”, but it clearly never caught on.

When will we see official Black Friday deals?

Good question. With a move to the competitive arena of online sales, we're going to be seeing more retailers on the web than ever, and with Amazon leading the charge, there's going to be some fierce price wars come November. That will likely work in your favour, with plenty of retailers vying for the lowest price on the latest gadgets. 

That means we might see Black Friday deals happening far ahead of the scheduled November 26 start date. You'll want to get prepped early, then, and we can help by bringing you all the latest Black Friday 2021 information as it happens right here. We'll show you where to shop, what to shop for, and when to get that credit card ready to make sure you don't miss a single saving this year, so keep this page bookmarked throughout the next couple of months. 

In 2020 we saw the vast majority of Black Friday deals moving online because of the pandemic and it looks like this year might be the same as well. Keep your eyes peeled for early Black Friday teaser deals about a week – maybe two – in advance as retailers will likely want to pique your interest. However, the discounts may not be impressive, which will happen about two to three days before the official Black Friday date.

All of this is going to make Black Friday's online deals all the more important. You'll have a better chance of finding Black Friday AirPod deals at home sitting in your PJs more than waiting in line outside of a physical store.

Where are the best places to find Black Friday deals?

Most online retailers offer Black Friday deals, but it's our job to sort through all the offers to find the very best bargains from the bunch. You'll typically find the best deals from big-name retailers like Amazon, eBay, JB Hi-Fi, Myer, The Good Guys and Bing Lee leading the pack.

Amazon, of course, is a Black Friday favourite, not only because of the record-low prices seen during big sales, but because it offers discounts on a wide variety of categories. So whether you're looking for tech items like laptops or AirPods, or searching for discounts on clothing, kitchen appliances, or toys,  Amazon is likely to offer Black Friday deals on the product you're after. 

Other retailers that offer impressive Black Friday sales include eBay Australia, JB Hi-Fi, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Rebel Sport, The Gamesmen, Target, The Iconic, just to name a few.

It can be overwhelming with so many retailers and promotions, but that's where our deal expertise comes in. We go through every retailer to pick out the very best Black Friday deals so you can make sure you're getting the lowest price available. We also keep a live list of the best Black Friday sales from all the top online retailers, so you can easily jump to the offer you want. If you don't want to wait till November to shop for Black Friday deals, you can  keep an eye on our list of early Black Friday deals section higher up on this page. You can also check our dedicated that we keep updated a few times a week in the lead up tp Black Friday, our or even our dedicated location for the best .

Difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

There was a time, especially in the US, when Black Friday meant physically going to a brick-and-mortar store to shop, mostly to shake off the turkey sweats, while Cyber Monday was exclusively for online deals. Now, however, there’s barely any difference since most deals offered through the November sale period are available online.

As an online sale, Cyber Monday is obviously a more recent development, coming after the advent of the internet and e-commerce. It traditionally marks the point when people realised they needed to get a wriggle on and start buying Christmas presents.

Another point of difference that’s more valid in the US than anywhere else is that Black Friday was traditionally more about electronics and other high-ticket items, while Cyber Monday was more about lifestyle goods. Nowadays, though, they’re all just one big smooshed-together shopping spree over an entire week.

Black Friday 2021: what to expect

Black Friday 2021 should continue last year's trend of not just offering discounts, but offering discounts on items you'll actually want to buy as retailers jockey for more limited wallets against fierce online competition.

Despite last year's difficulties, the revealed that local retailers saw a November 2020 turnover of 13.2% higher than the same time in 2019. According to the report, the surge in buying was due to the announcement of a plethora of new products coinciding with Black Friday sales, and thus helping with retail profits.

Online purchases spiked during Black Friday 2020, with the ABS reporting a 42% increase over the same time the previous year. With most of the Australian East Coast still under the grip of the pandemic, we're not expecting this trend to change this year. In fact, we fully expect it to outdo last year’s performance. What we’re hoping for, though, is that retailers extend their deals for a longer period of time to entice shoppers.

In fact, some retailers in the UK and US have been offering to ‘future price match’ during Black Friday, meaning consumers could buy something on, say, day one of the sale and know that if the price dropped later, they could reclaim the difference. While that hasn't happened in Australia yet, we’re hoping it might catch on soon. 

What does, however, happen is that Aussie retailers offer the discounted price on laybys, especially if they're expensive products. This is up to the discretion of the retailer of course, but back in 2018, TechRadar's Aussie Managing Editor managed to upgrade her entire camera kit – body, lenses, filters and all – by taking advantage of this scheme. The way it works is you pay a small deposit on an item during the Black Friday weekend for the Black Friday price and then collect it on a later date once you've paid the remaining (discounted) amount.

As Black Friday gains in popularity in Australia, more retailers than ever are joining the bandwagon and offering greater discounts. And with competition between retailers gaining momentum, we saw Black Friday go from being a single-day event prior to 2015 to being spread over an entire week in 2019. That didn't change last year and we're quite sure that's going to be the case again in 2021.

With Amazon firmly established in Australia, the competition has gotten fiercer. This means local retailers will be scrambling to sell more and possibly offer higher discounts.

While it’s hard to predict what could happen this year, here are some safe bets:

  • Amazon Australia had some of the lowest prices yet on its own devices, and we're expecting the online retailer to follow the same trend this November again – so keep an eye out for the Echo smart home devices and Kindle ereaders
  • Alongside Amazon, other retailers like eBay and JB Hi-Fi will push hard on sales
  • You’ll want to hold off buying a new computer as laptops always get a big discount
  • It will be a great time to upgrade your home entertainment system with prices on TVs and sound bars likely to be slashed
  • You should definitely find some great deals on some of the best headphones
  • Cameras, in all forms, will have savings firmly in their sights

5 of the best Black Friday deals from last year

One of the best ways to figure out what kind of deals to expect in 2021, is to take a quick look at what was on offer last year.

Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + 3-month Switch Online | AU$349 on eBay (save AU$120.95)

This was our number one pick from eBay's Black Friday sale, but it was exclusively for eBay Plus members. 1,000 units were dropped at different times across the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend and you would have to be real quick to land it. If you missed out, though, Amazon had the same bundle for AU$399.

LG CX 55-inch OLED (OLED55CXPTA) | AU$2,685 at Appliance Central (save AU$610)

LG has truly outdone itself with the CX OLED, while Appliances Online matched all quality with a pretty steep discount. We're expecting similar, or even better, offers on some of the best OLED and Mini LED tellies again this year, so keep yours eyes peeled.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 | AU$409 on Amazon (save AU$100.95)

Ranked high on our list of the , Bose's NCH 700s are arguably more stylish than the Sony pairs that beat them – and they're an amazing pair of headphones any way you split it, and the best Bose headphones we've ever reviewed. They've consistently. been discounted on Amazon at even lower prices than last year's Black Friday, so expect to get these for as low as the AU$300 mark.

Dell XPS 13 (7390) | i5 / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD | AU$1,399 at Dell (save AU$350)

Dell rarely discounts its XPS line by more than 15%, so we were thrilled to see that it knocked 20% off this svelte machine in the lead up to Black Friday 2020. Since then, though, we've seen Dell offer bigger discounts of up to 25% off on some of its XPS machines, so let's hope the brand brings the same again.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute+ | AU$849 at Dyson (save AU$250)

With the Dyson V15 Detect now the most expensive handstick from the big brand, we're hoping it gets discounted during Black Friday 2021. But that doesn't mean the older models should be forgotten. They're all pretty powerful, even the now discontinued V7s, so if you spot a Dyson for less, you really ought to consider it.

How do I find the best Black Friday 2021 deals?

We’re expecting that the best deals will be found surrounding the actual Black Friday date  – as ever, our advice is to know your budget going in, set a maximum price you’re willing to pay (having done the research to know what sort of prices your desired tech has been at throughout the year) and stick to it.

Homework really helps. Some retailers up prices from August through to October so they can offer supposedly amazing discounts on Black Friday, so it's worth keeping an eye on the prices of items you want ahead of time. 

They’re particularly prevalent in expensive consumer electronics such as TVs or laptops with product numbers rather than names, with products that were dropped down to a great bargain price suddenly being pushed back to their RRP again. 

It’s also a very good idea to be flexible: for example, if you fancy a Samsung UHD TV, it’s best to think about the features you want rather than a specific model number: the BRV553ABD34-82C-9218-X may not be discounted on Black Friday 2020, but an almost identical set with the specification you want probably will be. 

So do your research on what matters and we’ll do our best to give you the right comparison needed.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that something that looks like a five star set is the same but cheaper – certain elements (often with regards to screen quality or image processing) won’t be as high quality to achieve that lower price point.

And, not to be too self-promoting (OK, a little bit, but we really put the effort in here) but TechRadar’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals pages are really worth keeping an eye on if you’re looking for the very best deals in tech. Bookmark this page and it’ll be populated with all the best Black Friday deals come November – you won’t even need to search it out!

Are Black Friday deals real?

Generally speaking, yes – although there are two kinds of deals. The first has been pre-agreed between brands/retailers and suppliers, so they’re not as off-the-cuff as you might expect. The other is sudden price drops, whether that’s an algorithm working out the best way to attract users to buy (as brands like Amazon often will) or just the big names price-matching one another. 

As with any sales, you’ll see a mix of genuine bargains, discounted end-of-line stock and mysterious things found in the back of a warehouse somewhere.

Am I protected when I buy during Black Friday?

Yes. In Australia, anything you buy from a company online is covered by a wealth of consumer protection legislation which gives you the same rights as with any other online purchase.

Unfortunately, Black Friday brings out the scammers as well as the sellers. So be wary of unsolicited emails or links to deals on social media, no matter how legitimate they look: anything asking for card details or login details may be a scam. Phishing sites do big business on Black Friday, so be extra suspicious – and if you’re on a PC, make sure your security software is up to date. Many security suites automatically block known scam sites.