The entire Celebrity MasterChef cast has been an absolute delight to watch, which is why the first elimination was a sorry affair.

But of course, despite our reality television defying wishes, we had to say goodbye to one beloved cast member.

TV and radio presenter went home on Sunday night after two-part elimination challenge.

For the first challenge that was all about eggs, the 47-year-old attempted to make a triple-layer coconut cake, which she had made for her family before.

Speaking with Chrissie revealed that the pressure was too much, and she didn't anticipate how the fast-paced nature of the famous kitchen would stifle her.

"That was the most unexpected part - how much pressure there was," she said. "Stuff got very real, very quickly… It was incredibly nerve-racking."

She also thought the recipe would be a perfect fit for the challenge but learned the hard way that she didn't have enough time to execute her vision.

"I think cooking to time was the hardest part of being on Celebrity MasterChef. I hadn't really thought too much about it, so I was really surprised at how flexible I am in terms of timing when I'm cooking because I do it for fun, and for the enjoyment.

"I never ever have once cooked to a time limit. So, if I had my time again, I'd probably practice that a bit more," she said.

For round two which was all about making the perfect bacon dish, Chrissie attempted a Quiche Lorraine, but when she forgot to add the star ingredient included a bacon gremolata instead.

Chrissie also revealed that she was surprised at how anxious she became around judges Melissa Leong, Jock Zonfrillo, and Andy Allen.

"They seemed to take forever to give you a verdict, it was the longest few minutes of my life. Those nerves are very, very real," she shared.

Even though she wasn't able to win money for her Aboriginal-led organisation Opening The Doors Foundation, she still loved her time in the kitchen and wouldn't change her experience for the world.

"It was a dream come true, I love the show and I love to cook. I'd lost hope that they would do a celebrity version and that I'd never ever get the chance, so when they reprised the format my hand was straight up," she told Ten Play.

Of course, another highlight from Celebrity MasterChef are the friendships that blossom between the contestants.

So, it's unsurprising that no one was happy to see Chrissie leave.

The presenter's Instagram for her radio show Chrissie, Sam, and Browny posted a meme of Rebecca Gibney and Chrissie lusting over *OffsptiMatt Le Nevez on the show.

The account captioned the hilarious moment, "These two naughty schoolgirls with the special comments up the back of the class 😂😂😂 @chrissieswan @rebeccagibney_ @masterchefau."

Of course, the Back To The Rafters star found the gag amusing, and she commented her love under the post.

"Matt may be handsome, but Chrissie is the queen. 😍 LOVE HER TO PIECES! So much joy and light and love. #girlcrush," said Rebecca.

Oh, and for any snickering about her exit, Chrissie set her feelings for Gordon straight.

She shared a cheeky post on her Instagram, flipping him the bird with her castmates (and even Tilly Ramsay).

"I love this pic and that it captures the respect we have for the great @gordongram who set tonight's challenge. @dilrukj @tillyramsay @rebeccagibney_ @masterchefau," she captioned the moment.

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