A luxury outdoor furniture range loved by Martha Stewart has landed in Australia just in time for summer - complete with wicker sofas, armchairs and mosquito repellent blankets.

US outdoor living brand Outer has launched its stunning range that claims to be the 'world's most comfortable, durable and sustainable' furniture.

Taking on the global furniture market, shoppers can expect handcrafted pieces made from recycled materials that's built to stand up to wild weather.

The All-Weather Wicker collection and 1188 Eco-Friendly Rugs are made from recycled plastic bottles and is handwoven by master craftsmen while the Aluminum range is guaranteed to withstand more than 10 years of life outside. 

The Forest Stewardship Council-certified Teak Collection is made from high quality, sustainably-sourced teak wood harvested in Central Java. For every Teak product sold, more than 15 saplings are planted in the forest.

To keep insects at bay, shoppers can get the $150 'bug shield' blanket with invisible, odourless Insect Shield technology, which is proven to repel pesky mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, flies, ants and more.

The brand has also unveiled its famous OuterShell, a patented built-in cover that rolls out and over cushions in seconds to protect them from everyday dirt and moisture.

Known for its materials innovations, the company developed their own proprietary fabrics that are both eco-friendly and stain, fade, and mould resistant. 

Co-founders Jiake Liu and Terry Lin created the outdoor collection after they saw an opportunity to disrupt a 'stale' industry, defined by poor design like rusty frames and uncomfortable cushions and the overconsumption of fast furniture. 

Expanding internationally for the first time, the range has made its way Down Under after attracting a legion of fans - including Martha Stewart - since launching in 2018.

'We saw a stale industry ripe for innovation, and we wanted to create sustainable furniture that made it easier to live life outside,' Mr Liu, CEO of Outer, said.

'We want consumers to spend less time worrying about their outdoor furniture and more time enjoying it. We're thrilled to help Aussies relax and enjoy entertaining friends and family this summer.' 

Mr Lin, chief design officer of Outer, said the range has been 'built to last' forever.

'As with fast fashion, fast furniture is having a detrimental impact on our planet, contributing to deforestation, a growing carbon footprint, and filling up our landfills,' he said.

'Our design philosophy is about crafting timeless pieces people connect with. Outer was designed to help people gather and create lasting memories outside.

'We are excited to formally introduce Outer to Australians, and to give people an opportunity to reconnect and enjoy the outdoors.'

Prices start from $1,450 - but it's one of the most eco-friendly pieces of furniture that's perfect for styling a sustainable home.