Federal MP Bob Katter was refused entry to a country pub because he doesn't have a smartphone to show his Covid vaccine passport.

The outspoken Queenslander said he didn't even know what the ServiceNSW app was and he usually entered venues by asking them to call Parliament House to verify his vaccination status. 

'I guess you can argue that my staff should have worked it (the digital vaccine certificate) out, but I don't have one of these modern phones,' Mr Katter told the . 

He said he asked staff at the Tamworth Hotel in state's mid-north west to call Parliament House or his government minders but they declined. 

'The person just said: 'out'. Very abrupt,' he said.

But Mr Katter, who uses a flip-style phone with plastic keys, added he was aware it was also acceptable to show a paper print-out of vaccination history instead of a digital copy.

He said had left that in his luggage as he travels a lot. 

The member for Kennedy likened refusing him entry for not showing his vaccine passport to a ban on public assembly, but admitted the pub was 'well within its rights'.

Proof of two Covid-19 vaccinations will no longer be required under government rules once the 95 per cent vaccination rate in NSW is met, estimated to be December 15.

But businesses will still have the choice to enforce the rule as a condition of entry to their establishments or offices. 

Mr Katter's staff said he supported vaccines but has also spoken at so-called 'freedom rallies' in his home state.

The maverick MP was spotted being shown the door at the Tamworth pub on Sunday with a masked employee waving him goodbye. 

Mr Katter then spoke with a group of people who were drinking at the train station - though he was not drinking himself - until they were told to move on by officers. 

He said the people he was talking to when they tried to enter the pub continued their conversation on park benches until someone dobbed them in.

'You're thrown out of a hotel, you're then harassed by photographers and police,' he said.

'Someone had just seen a tall poppy, and they get a buzz out of calling [the cops].' 

'About 3pm on Sunday, officers attached to Oxley Police District were called to Tamworth Railway station after reports a group of people were drinking in an alcohol-free zone,' police said.

'Police attended and gave a warning to some members of the group about drinking in the alcohol-free zone and they complied.' 

'No further police action will be taken.' 

A spokesperson for Mr Katter's office previously confirmed he has had the jab. 

'Mr Katter himself is vaccinated and has encouraged people to go to their doctor, as he did, to discuss it,' she told The Cairns Post. 

'Bob remains pro-vaccination but is anti-coercion and compulsion.' 

Earlier in November, Mr Katter spoke at a 'freedom' rally in Cairns, earning enthusiastic applause from the crowd.

He claimed his office was told of eight constituents who had adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine - two of which he said were deadly.

He claimed another three had 'serious problems', while two were 'crippled' and one 'was rushed into ICU intensive care almost straight after he got the inoculation'. 

A spokeswoman for Mr Katter said his 'speech referred to eight cases which have been presented to his office either directly to the executive officer or to staff'.

'We cannot disclose any further details about these cases as they are confidential and were entrusted to us based on this discretion,' they said.

The firebrand MP previously suggested he would refuse to vote for government legislation unless it made a stand against state vaccination mandates.

'Freedom should be honoured and fought for, not spat upon as the premiers of Queensland and Victoria have done,' he said. 

'I warn the government to be prepared.'

Queensland Health responded to Mr Katter's comments saying vaccines were safe and effective.

'We can't make this any clearer: Vaccines. Save. Lives,' it said in a statement.

'The vast majority of Queenslanders are sensible enough to know this. The Covid-19 vaccines are proven to be safe and effective.

'They have been through a rigorous review process by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.'