Fans have voiced their concern for actress Martine McCutcheon, calling the Love Actually star 'too thin' after her most recent Instagram post. 

Martine, 43, who found fame as Tiffany on  and played Natalie in Love Actually, has showcased her toned physique with increasingly regularity in recent months, including in elegant swimsuit shots.

However many of her followers said they were left 'worried' after the mother-of-one shared a snap posing in a leather skirt in her garden yesterday.

Some urged her 'not to lose any more weight', while another commented: 'How have you got so tiny all of a sudden?'

Another wrote: 'Beautiful as always but just a bit thin.'

A third commented: 'Don't lose any more weight babe.'

'Where have you gone? Very worrying how much weight you have lost,' a fourth wrote.

'You are beautiful, please get help.'

In the snap, Martine could be seen posing in a garden while wearing a midi-black leather skirt with a grey striped jumper.

She could be seen ruffling her hand through her dark locks and beaming at the camera while holding a huge bouquet of flowers.  

Martine, who made her children's TV debut as a teenager, has spoken previously about how growing up in the public eye made her aware of her weight from a young age. 

'I was always conscious of staying as thin as I could be,' she said in a 2016 interview. 'It looked better on camera, meant I could fit into size 8 sample sizes and it was easier and more affordable with stylists.' 

When asked how many hurtful comments affected her, she admitted 'there were hundreds' and said she body shamed 'loads of times'. 

'People spoke about me like I was a piece of meat and I can’t believe that’s still going on in this day and age,' Martine added. 

In 2003 her figure became the subject of national attention when her Love Actually character, Natalie, was teased for her weight. 

She is called 'plumpy' by her father and referred to as 'chubby' by other characters. In the final moments of the film, the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) says, 'God, you weigh a lot!' as he picks her up.'

The actress has defended the film in subsequent interviews, insisting it was supposed to help women see how they are perfect just as they are.

'Every woman thinks there’s something wrong with them when in actual fact... they are perfect and lovely as they are,' she said. 

'[Natalie] was meant to be the embodiment of that and I think sometimes people have missed that point.'

Martine, who released a series of dance exercise videos a decade ago, has become a more regular presence on Instagram over the last year, making it easier for fans to see just how amazing she looks.  

The star has been honest about how she uses Botox to maintain her youthful glow, pointing a video in August of her most recent treatment.   

In 2016, Martine spoke of how she's grown to love using Botox.

She detailed how she was left 'looking deranged' after her first ever session yet persevered and grew to love the facial enhancements.

She said: 'When I had a really tough time being unwell, and trying to have rapidity and it didn't go well, it basically showed on my face a lot and I looked ravaged...

'I just looked in the mirror and thought I've always had nice skin, I always had a nice beautiful glow, and it has gone.

'So I had Botox and I didn't like it, it made me look a bit strange, and then I had it again, and Oh my god, I loved it, I absolutely loved it, because it didn't look like I wasn't me anymore, I just didn't looked like me but not a creased pillow basically.'