has come early for one man, who, unbeknownst until recently, had been sitting on a not insignificant for over two months.

Tucked away in the wallet of one man from Wetherill Park was the Lotto ticket of a lifetime, worth over $1 million.

The player had actually won one of the five division one winning entries across Australia for the Saturday Lotto drawn on October 9, 2021.

Each of the five division one winning entries took home $1,234,399.86, except for one ticketholder that had eluded officials from The Lott for two months.

Due to the fact this particular winning entry was unregistered, The Lott had no way to contact the man to notify him of the life-changing sum.

They had to wait until the man came forward himself to claim his prize — but he had no idea he'd even won until recently.

'I was a millionaire this whole time!'

"I had no idea I was a millionaire this whole time! It's crazy," the man laughed as he spoke to The Lott this morning.

It was only when the man went to the news agency to buy another Lotto ticket that he thought to check a few of his previous tickets he had purchased in the last few weeks.

"When the staff member scanned the ticket and told me they thought I'd won division one, I kept saying, 'What? Why are you saying this to me? Are you sure?'" the man recalled.

"I went very quiet after that. I couldn't believe it! I was very shocked."

The man says when he told his wife the news, she "cried a lot" but he was in pure shock.

"We're still trying to wrap our heads around the news," he said.

"I can't believe we're millionaires! We've been dreaming of this moment. It feels like we're floating on cloud nine."

'We're over the moon'

The man says he and his wife are thinking about using their newfound fortune to buy themselves a small house, as well as going on a holiday overseas next year.

"The rest we will save for the future," he said.

Wetherill Park Newsagency owner Ly Vo — who sold the winning ticket — said the team was glad their winner had finally come forward to claim his prize.

"We're over the moon and would love to send them our congratulations," he said.

"It's been tough for everyone lately, so we are stoked for our winner and hope they can enjoy their windfall."

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