Nutrition is a key focus when you’re trying to conceive and then when you fall pregnant, but it takes on a whole new meaning when you have the responsibility for the healthy growth and wellbeing of your family.

From morning to night, mums (in particular) are tasked with researching, planning, preparing and presenting breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and possibly a ‘supper snack’. Seven days a week. For what sometimes feels like the rest of their life!

If you occasionally run out of ideas and inspiration on what to feed your kids and growing family, you are not alone. Given the busy lives we lead, it’s no wonder that there are so many options for convenience these days, but convenience doesn’t have to mean foods that are unhealthy.

The fact that families are generally more conscious of the foods they choose for themselves and their children are back up by FMCG Gurus Top 10 Trends for 2021, which show that 56% of global consumers are more attentive to natural claims, 90% of consumers prefer functional food to supplements and 64% are researching about different ways to boost health.

Healthy convenient shopping

Making healthy choices for your little one helps them develop a taste for nutritious foods that are the building blocks of their health, growth and wellbeing, and you can take some of the thinking out of it by using an online service such as .

Born of necessity in 2012, GoodnessMe is the brainchild of Australian Peta Shulman who, after being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, decided to consolidate what she’d learned and to share it with a wider audience.

To that end, as well as being tested and reviewed by a team of nutritionists, the vast range of products on offer adhere to a strict code, as follows:

  • All natural
  • GMO-free
  • Zero refined sugar
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial flavours & colours
  • No food additives
  • No synthetic trans fats
  • No monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • No high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

Imagine! No more spending ages researching products ahead of grocery shopping or spending far too long in a supermarket trying to decipher labels while your toddler tries not to hold it together…

Brands on offer are the names you know and trust (or will come to know and trust) and include Alter Eco, Amazonia, Blue Dinosaur, Bounce, Fever-Tree, Grants of Australia, Loving Earth, Whole Kids and Pukka.

For tots and teens

In its baby food range, GoodnessMe offers breakfasts such as fruit pouches that contain 100% fruit, and soft cereal biscuits, and immunity and gut health blends (12 months +) to add to cereals and smoothies when your tot needs a sneaky boost. include plant-based bars, fruit biscuits and more. A perfect selection of good-for-you snack treats.

The choices expand further for bigger kids, with foods such as pulled jackfruit, organic rice cakes and seaweed snacks, and kombucha-activated nuts, pulses and seeds. You can also choose from vegan options, chips, lollies, bliss balls, juices and more!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that these nutritious foods are more expensive than similar items you’d buy in store – compare the dollar amount and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Healthy eating for mums and dads

GoodnessMe also stocks pantry staples from antipasti to wraps; drinks from collagen and kombucha, to teas and sparkling water; and treats from all manner of chocolate and vegan-friendly options to superfood boosters, to cooking sauces, baking mixes and ready meals. This means you can stock your pantry and always have healthy go-to foods on hand.

As well as using GoodnessMe for your pantry staples and snacks, you can opt for for three, six or 12 months, either for yourself or a loved one. The subscription boxes are ‘surprise’ packages that are based on your dietary needs or preferences (vegan or gluten-free, for example) and contain seven to 10 products you’re sure to love. It’s great way to try new foods, get new recipes ideas and have some fun with your food, or to give the gift of a nutritious surprise.


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